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Jan. 2, 2019

Information, personality, character or values. Advertising is able to make all of this, and much more, impact your audience effectively.

Any business, regardless of its nature, has a very clear objective: sell a product or offer a service. And we can only achieve the success of both issues from one of the most effective tools on the market in any commercial activity, advertising.

From the first stages of designing a product to the moment of its commercialization, advertising is the key to its correct positioning.

However, knowing the questions that revolve around this discipline, then we answer some of the most frequent questions.

The importance of advertising, what is it for?

Advertising has been one of the disciplines that has had to reinvent itself and adapt to the different market trends. From the beginnings of advertising to the present, this discipline has manifested itself in many formats, with very diverse objectives.

However, at present, with an increasingly aggressive and unlocalized competition, in which as consumers we are able to buy products that come from anywhere in the world in just one or two days, one of the main objectives of advertising is know how to position and differentiate a product or service from its competitors.

Because of the context in which we find ourselves, with the consumer as clear dominator of the game as a result of the great offer before it, advertising has become the most effective instrument to determine consumer decision-making.

How many types of advertising exist today?

To position and differentiate a particular product or service, advertising can take, mainly, two paths, according to the public and the objectives it wants to achieve.

On the one hand, offline advertising. It is the most traditional type of advertising and that we are sure we all see more than once in our day to day. Some of its main manifestations can be found on the radio, on television or, simply, bus shelters, for example.
Traditional advertising, far from having been diluted among more modern manifestations, continues in full form.

On the other, online advertising. When talking about online advertising we can not highlight only one type of advertising, but we find different forms of manifestation, being social networks and the various channels related to the creation of content the most effective way.

How do I choose between one type of advertising or another?

It is one of the decisions that is most important when it comes to start any advertising campaign. And is that when deciding on a type of advertising or another will depend on a large number of options that, surely, we as entrepreneurs are not able to analyze effectively.

For this decision, one of the most intelligent decisions by which we can choose to minimize the possibility of error and maximize the chances of success is to go to an advertising agency to advise us, design and carry out the advertising strategy we want carry out.

The public we want to address, the objectives we have as well as the product or service that we want to position will be key when choosing between one or another type of advertising. Trust your needs to experts in the field, only they will manage to turn your needs into a reality. And you, what are you waiting for?