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Feb. 14, 2019

Corporate image, what your brand says about you

There are many companies that, despite having a good product, are not able to gain a foothold in the market. Surely we all know the case of some of our favorite brands that we do not understand how they are not positioned at a higher level.
However, there are many others that, without having the best products or being able to provide the best sales experience, have managed to become leaders in their respective sectors.

Have you ever wondered why this issue?

When this circumstance occurs, we can find the explanation in a multitude of factors. From the quality of the product or the service they are offering to the after sales service that guarantee the customer in case of having problems ...

However, we can usually find the answer in another factor. The corporate image that our company gives off. Have you ever thought about her?

Importance of the corporate image

Betting on the need to communicate, the corporate image is the reflection that a company is capable of projecting. When talking about the corporate image of a company, we are referring to aspects such as the philosophy of the brand, the values it is capable of transmitting, its objectives ... But also to tangible elements, such as the chromatic range of its logo, typography or color with which you want to associate.

Who does not have right now the characteristic letter "C" of the Coca Cola logo, Apple's bitten apple or the chromatic range of the Google logo?

That our clients are able to identify our brand from a color, a logo or a typography turns out to be one of the great objectives that, as a company, we must pursue.

What benefits are obtained from the creation of a corporate image?

That your company is able to position itself and differentiate itself from your competition is one of the great benefits that you are going to achieve by working on your corporate image.

In a market like the current one, in which every day new companies appear, that yours is capable of being recognized by the public is the best investment you will ever be able to make.

Establish emotional relationships
As we said, in an environment like the current one, the relationships that we are able to cultivate with our clients will translate into the success of our business.

Through the creation of our corporate image, we intend to have a direct impact on the final consumer, transmitting values ​​with which our clients feel identified.

Appealing to emotions will make it easier for our relationship with our clients to overcome any barrier, making them feel part of our company.

Capture of new leads
Through the projection of our corporate image, not only will we directly impact our current clients, but we will be able to convert potential clients into new clients.

The acquisition of new leads is one of the main objectives of any company, because thanks to them we will be able to maximize the traceability of our business.

Through the transmission of values ​​and our image, we will achieve a much greater scope than the current one.

As we have seen, the benefits derived from the creation of our corporate image can have a significant direct impact on our business. It is important that what is related to this issue is one of the main focuses of attention of our company.

In cases where we already have this image, but we have doubts about its impact, it is important that we reflect on the need to renew it. To be effective, our corporate image must convey exactly what our company can provide the consumer.

An image that does not fit our company is just as harmful as the absence of it. Therefore, in Design With You we are specialists in the creation and renewal of corporate images, in order to position and differentiate your company from your competitors. Invest in your brand and make it capable of transmitting by itself, the results will surprise you.